Credit Card Reward Program

Chase Credit Card Reward Program

The Chase Credit Card Reward Program For Visa, Mastercard And Gas Rebate Flexible Rewards

Chase Credit Card Reward Program


The old saying is you can either learn to gamble or you can get cash back.  Making use of a reward system to get extra financial benefits is the better option.  The Chase credit card reward program has been designed to keep everybody happy.  The lender as well as the all-important customer must feel the advantages.  The one cannot do without the other.  It makes sense to have a program where both can gain by the partnership.  The Chase program has gained steadily in approval among consumers.

One of the reasons this card is so popular is because the reward program is so flexible.  Chase gives their clients a wide choice.  This is exactly what consumers expect.  They do not want to be tied down to one or two options when the time comes to redeem points.  The Chase credit reward program gives the consumer one point for each dollar that he or she spends.  Each month the points add up.  It is realistic to total up five thousand points in one month.  There is a limit to how many points may be redeemed in a year.  However, the limit of sixty thousand points in a year will make a lot of difference to the client.

Many consumers prefer to make use of their points to get cash back.   Naturally, you do not actually get cash in your hand.  Your account will be credited or in some instances a check will be issued.  The point is that the Chase credit reward program actually works for the consumer.  It is not necessary to redeem all the points earned for only cash back.  The points can be used for hotel accommodation, car rental, and air travel tickets.  It is clear that one of the reasons for the great popularity of Chase cards is that it works for the personal and the business consumer.  Just how the client uses his or her redeemable points is a personal choice with no demands from Chase.

Examples of two Chase credit cards:

Chase Free Cash Rewards (Visa)

• Earn 1 point for each dollar in purchases

• 1 000 bonus points with first purchase

• 0% intro fixed APR up to 6 months balance and transfer

• Redeem points from only 2 500 points

Chase Credit Card Platinum (Mastercard)

• 0% intro APR* (based on credit history)

• no annual fee

• flexible rewards program

Chase Perfect Card (Gas Rebate)

• rebates on all gas purchases

• 6% rebate on all gas purchases first 90 days

• 3% rebate on all gas purchases after first 90 days

• after that 3% rebate on all gas purchases

• 1% rebate on all other purchases

All of these cards fall within the Chase credit card reward program.  All are suitable for use by the personal or the business consumer.  It would be advisable to carefully consider all requirements as there is a wide range of choice from the Chase credit card service.  The rewards of each card differ.  For this reason the consumer must decide which rewards will be more useful or enjoyable.


Chase Credit Card Reward Program

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