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Flexible Rewards Credit Card

The Chase Flexible Rewards Credit Card And What You Can Redeem Points For

Flexible Rewards Credit Card


Chase credit cards offer amenities to the complete range of card holders from youth to platinum.

Chase Youth Card

It is interesting for all categories of card holders to note that interest rates are based on more than one issue.  An important fact is how great a risk is the card holder to the lender.  This is linked to a personal credit score.  A low credit score means a greater risk.  A high credit score means a low risk.  It is important for young creditors to keep a watchful eye on their credit score.  A good score makes it easier to get a flexible rewards credit card.  Getting a Chase credit entails a lot more responsibility.  Being able to enjoy the rewards of the credit card means handling transactions wisely.  It is a benefit to know that with this card there is a point for each dollar spent.  There is also 0% interest rate up to 6 months.  Having a Chase Youth Card does mean a lot more independence.  When applying the following is necessary:

• Social security number

• Gross annual household income

• If intending to move old balance to new a/c must provide new a/c details

Chase Platinum Card

It is widely regarded that the Chase Platinum is one of the best flexible rewards credit cards.  In particular, for those who want to earn reward points for gratis airline tickets.  Chase has made it possible to redeem points a number of ways.  This program extends to Visa and Mastercard.

With a Chase card every dollar spent earns a single point.  There are many card holders who earn five thousand and more points each and every month.  Annually this totals up to a sizable amount.  Earning sixty thousand points in a year is considered as an excellent reward.  After a Chase card holder makes his or her first purchase there is a reward of one thousand points to get things going.  This card allows the holder to use the flexible reward credit card points redeemed for:

• Cash rebate

• Merchandise

• Gift cards

• Airline tickets

• Car rentals

• Hotels

Regular Use Chase Card

Some of the attractions of the sought after Flexible Rewards Chase Credit Card:

• zero percentage introductory rate for balance and purchase transfers

• no annual fee charged

• generous free rewards system

It has to be noted that after the zero percentage introductory rate there will be a reasonable charge on all balance and purchase transfers.  The introductory period lasts a full six months.  In order to be issued with a Chase flexible rewards credit card and applicant must qualify.  The higher an individual’s personal credit score the greater the chance of the individual being granted a Chase card.  For the average person who enjoys travel, the reward of redeeming points for airline tickets through Chase is regarded as very good.  The Chase card also offers the following benefits to card holders who qualify:

• no liability for unauthorized transactions

• extended warranties for purchases

• travel accident insurance

• car rental insurance


Flexible Rewards Credit Card

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