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Gas Credit Card Rewards

Using Gas Credit Card Rewards To Offset Fuel Costs

Gas Credit Card Rewards


With gas prices rising month after month, the best way to save money is to have a gas credit card. There are cards that can only be used at certain gas stations, or others that can be used anywhere that major credit cards are accepted. No matter what type of gas card you choose, they all offer great rewards deals and rebates for filling up your gas tank.

Station specific cards can only be used at designated gas stations, but they offer great rewards each time you fill up your tank. They can also be used to purchase goods if the gas station has a mini market attached, but rewards are usually only offered on gas purchases. One example, the Chevron and Texaco Card, offers a $5 credit each month as long as you fill up your gas tank at least three times during the billing cycle. Most drivers usually fill up at least once a week, so earning $60 credit each year is an amazing deal.

There are also gas credit cards available that can be used at almost any gas station, as long as they accept major credit cards. The rewards for these cards depend on the amount spent on gas each month, and usually reward back a certain percentage of the total spent on gas. One benefit of a gas rebate credit card is that they can be used on other purchases, and rewards can also be applied to purchases made at restaurants and grocery stores as well.

Some gas credit cards fall in between these two categories, by offering greater benefits when the card is used at certain gas stations. One example is the BP Visa rewards card, which offers 5% rebates when the card is used at participating BP gas stations. Benefits are also offered when the gasoline credit card is used at other gas stations and for other purchases, but they aren’t nearly as high as the rebates offered when the card is used at the designated gas station.

Another gas credit card that is great for those who like gas from different stations is the Chase PerfectCard MasterCard, since it offers a 6% rebate on all gas purchases made within the first 90 days. A 3% rebate is awarded on gas purchases after the introductory period, and 1% for purchases made at location other than gas stations. It offers the benefits of gas station specific cards, but can be used at any station that accepts MasterCard.

Unlike most other rewards program credit cards, the points and rebates usually don’t expire on gas credit cards. Also, the amount of rebates does not contain a limit, so those who spend a lot of gas will definitely get their money back. The necessary credit rating for gas credit cards varies from bank to bank, but there are offers available for individuals with all types of credit ratings.

Gas credit cards are a great way to save money on gas, since you can earn money each time you fill up your tank. They come with low APRs, no annual fees, and almost anyone can enjoy the benefits that gas credit cards have to offer. If you are tired of spending loads of cash on gas each week, gas credit cards are the way to go.


Gas Credit Card Rewards

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