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Prepaid Credit Card

Prepaid Credit Card Options And The Convenience Of A Prepaid Visa Credit Card

Prepaid Credit Card

Typical credit cards run your credit report each time you apply for one, and make changes to your credit report each time activity is reported on your card. Having a credit card can also put you at risk for identity theft, since the credit card number can be stolen and used for unauthorized purchased. Prepaid credit card offers are just like regular credit cards, but instead of securing a credit line the user deposits their own money into their account.

Very similar to a debit card, prepaid credit cards provide the same convenience as a typical credit card. They are accepted at any location that accepts major credit cards, and don’t require a pin number in order to make a purchase. The cardholder is able to deposit money into their account, and then use the funds in the account much like a credit card. No bank account is required, and money can be deposited directly into the prepaid credit card at various locations all over the globe.

There are various prepaid credit card offers currently on the market, some of which are better than others. Those with bad credit can take advantage of using a prepaid credit card, since there is no credit checks required in order to get approved. APR and interest are also not charged on prepaid credit cards, since the money belongs directly to the cardholder rather than being borrowed from a bank.

When choosing a prepaid credit card offer, it is best to go for a prepaid credit card application that does not have an annual or monthly fee. Some waive this fee when direct deposit is set up on the account, but others charge up to $10 a month just for being a cardholder. Money withdrawal fees and maintenance fees should also be considered, especially for those who like to use their prepaid credit card at ATM machines. It is also important to find out the various locations that money can be deposited into your account, to make sure you won’t have to drive all the way across town just to load up your card.

Benefits offered by a prepaid visa credit card is another factor to consider when choosing the best card for you, and they vary greatly from card to card. If you are going to use your prepaid creditcard for paying bills and other expenses, the Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card is one of the best options available. It offers free bill pay for various bills, and waives all annual and monthly fees when direct deposit is set up on the account. The All-Access Prepaid Visa Card is another ideal card, since it offers free direct deposit, free money transfers, and a free savings account with a rate higher than most banks. Additional cards can also be added to the same account, making it ideal for families or friends who want to share an account.

Because credit cards are not for everyone, prepaid credit cards provide the same convenience. It is easy to load the card with money and spend it however you wish, and you’ll never have to worry about going over your limit or getting slammed with high interest fees. Most can hold up to $10,000 at a time, and offer online account access in order to keep track of the funds on your account. Prepaid credit cards are a safer alternative to credit cards, but still offer the same convenience.


Prepaid Credit Card

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